DQS CFS in the ISO Committee on Environmental Labelling

DQS CFS in the ISO Committee on Environmental Labelling

Dr. Sadek from DQS CFS has been nominated as a member of the ISO Committee on environmental labelling. The committee is focused on standardization in the field of communication of environmental aspects of products and services. Such communication includes environmental labels and claims like e.g. carbon footprint declarations.

The standardization of terms and concepts is an important step towards sustainability, as it enhances comparability and prevents greenwashing. The clear definition of terms is also a basis for a healthy development in the area of Sustainable Finance. Both the German government as well as the European Union declared that they intend to grow in this area. Without intelligent and effective environmental labelling this development won’t be possible.

We are pleased that Dr. Sadek will actively support this important cause as a member of the ISO Committee.

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