DQS now authorized for TAPA in Europe, Middle East and Africa

DQS now authorized for TAPA in Europe, Middle East and Africa

DQS now authorized for TAPA in Europe, Middle East and Africa – Group News

  • The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) has authorized DQS to perform audits and issue certificates according to their FSR and TSR supply chain security standards in the regions listed above.

    FSR – Facility Security Requirements For secure warehouse options and distribution centers

    TSR – Trucking Security Requirements Protecting high value goods in transit

    Both FSR and TSR specify the minimum acceptable security standards for high value assets moving through the supply chain and the methods to maintain those standards. TAPA Security Standards are a valuable quality and security benchmark for manufacturers to use as part of their selection of logistics partners.

    Since DQS is a member, free FSR and TSR training courses and exams are available for qualified* auditors in the EMEA region, which take place throughout the year and are available on a first come, first serve basis. The training schedule will be posted on the TAPA EMEA website at https://www.tapaemea.org in February.

    Attached you will find the product information sheets for FSR and TSR. More information on TAPA and Supply Chain Security will be forthcoming on the Internet News and DQS Compact. If you have any specific questions or need technical advice regarding the standard, audit and auditor qualification, please contact tapa@dqs.de. The product manager is Mr. Wolfgang Engel.

    *Experience in the logistics, warehousing or transportation sector. TAPA Auditors may be exchanged between countries and there are German auditors available already, if time is of the essence.

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