Food Safety Success Story

Food Safety Success Story

Every restaurant must follow food safety guidelines and regulations to ensure the well-being of the customer and earn their trust. Although there might be plenty of food safety certification bodies out there, DQS is unique in what it stands for and what it offers. DQS always ensures the highest technical competence and standards understanding for auditors. Not only that, but DQS also ensures that companies are meeting standards and industries’ requirements by having a technical review process overseeing the audit process, findings, and auditors’ recommendation.

Through the audit process and technical review process, the food safety management system certification with DQS assures customers and the stakeholders that they can trust that food safety requirements have been fully met, which will give companies a competitive advantage in the market.

As a success story, out of many, Station Restaurants crossed milestones with DQS and earned the DQS Certificate conforming that they met ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Requirements.
Station Restaurants have set a challenge to meet the highest food safety requirements in order to ensure that their food is safe for their customers. Station Restaurants Team, along with the collaboration with Global S accepted the challenge and worked with DQS auditors and experts to ensure that all the items on their menu are safe and a part of an integrated management system.

DQS Auditors made sure that everything was done according to the food safety requirements applicable to the sector in which Station Restaurants operate in. With all of the team work, Station Restaurants pulled through, until they met DQS standards for ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Requirements, and the certificate was issued in collaboration. Up to this point, two branches for Station Restaurants have been certified, and in the near future, the rest of the branches will follow.

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