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Food Safety – The Taste of Trust

Frau kauft Gemüse im Supermarkt

Besides their vital function, food and drinks also fulfill important social functions: a good meal provides pleasure and brings people together. But in order for consumers to enjoy their meals, efficient food safety systems must be in place.

Our holistic approach to food safety includes solutions for every step of the line: from manufacturing to packaging and from storage to transportation. Independent assessments do not only help you prevent incidents, they also prove your commitment to hygiene and safety to the public. Browse through our services below to find the approach that suits your needs.

All of the assessments we offer are based upon solid national and international standards. In order to guarantee that standards are adequate and up to date, we take into account the benchmarking scheme of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), and focus upon standards that have been formally recognized by the GFSI. Click here to visit the GFSI website, with the most current information as to which standards have been formally recognized.