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Enhance safety, preserve the environment, increase comfort

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In an age where customers have grown increasingly demanding, good is no longer good enough. Visitors also expect hotels to be clean, safe, and sustainable – and rightly so.

DQS Lebanon offers the full range of national and international standards to suit the needs of hotels and restaurants, focusing on aspects such as hygiene, food safety, and quality management.

However, because these standards are of limited use to hotels and restaurants in their day-to-day communication with clients, DQS Group has also developed a Global Conformance Mark series for Hotels & Restaurants. The aim of the GC-Mark series is to provide visually attractive seals that can be used for promotional purposes. After an assessment by one of our qualified auditors, you can place a GC-Mark for Safety, Hygiene, or Sustainability on your website, flyers, and infrastructure.

Customers will enjoy their stay, in the knowledge that high standards are set and adhered to in your hotel.

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