EC No. 1760/2000

EC No. 1760/2000: Identification and Labeling of Beef and Veal

In the wake of the crisis over mad cow disease, the European Union adopted provisions concerning the identification of bovines and the labeling of their meat. The provisions aim to improve traceability and food security throughout the sector, and to strengthen European consumer confidence.

One of the pillars of the regulation is the labeling system, which requires operators and organizations marketing European or imported beef to label the beef at all stages of the marketing process. In Germany, the guidelines of EC No. 1760/2000 have been adopted in a national law for the labeling of beef (the “Rindfleischetikettierungsgesetz”).

DQS has been approved by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food as an accredited certification body for the implementation of the directive 1760/2000.


  • Improved traceability across the sector
  • Unified system across the EU
  • Increased transparency for all stakeholders
  • Provides consumers with reliable and verifiable information as to the origin and properties of the beef

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