EN 16636 – Pest Management Services – Certification

EN 16636 – Pest Management Services – Requirements and Competences

EN 16636 is the European Standard for the pest management industry. It has been developed in order to professionalize the European pest management sector and to protect clients, public health and the environment.Compliance with EN 16636 will enable pest management providers to demonstrate that:

    • They have the necessary competence and know-how to deliver pest management services
    • They have a management system to ensure a consistent level of quality
    • They systematically minimize risks for clients and the public
    • They systematically minimize potential negative impacts on the environment and animal welfare

EN 16636

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For whom?

The standard is intended for professional providers of pest management services, including assessment, prevention, consultancy and execution of the relevant procedures. It does not apply to field crop protection and routine cleaning and disinfection, carried out by regular contract cleaning services.

CEPA Certification Protocol

Cepa Certified Certification according to EN 16636 is governed by CEPA, the Confederation of European Pest Management Associations. Certificates issued by DQS are automatically uploaded into the CEPA database of certified providers. As acceptance of the certification scheme continues to grow, the listing in the database will help you assure your clients of your professionalism.

DQS – Your Partner for EN 16636 Certification

With over three decades of experience in quality mananagement, environmental management and hygiene management, DQS is the perfect audit partner to conduct EN 16636 certification audits. Contact us to learn more about the latest developments regarding EN 16636.

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