GLOBALG.A.P. (Global Partnership for Good Agricultural Practice) is an internationally recognized standard for sustainable farm production. GLOBALG.A.P. Certification covers food safety and traceability, environment, occupational health and safety and animal welfare. It is closely related to, amongst others, QMS and HACCP.

DQS Lebanon is proud to announce that they have found a valuable cooperation partner in AgroManagement, the leading company in Denmark for certification of GLOBALG.A.P standards. The goal of this cooperation is to increase opportunities for market acceptance and expansion of the product range, including the provision of customers with certification for GLOBALG.A.P worldwide.

The scope of the cooperation with AgroManagement currently is Flowers and Ornamentals, Fruit and Vegetables, Combinable Crops as well as Plant Propagation Materials. Chain of Custody, Livestock (dairy and poultry) and Aquaculture may be added in the near future.

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