IQNet SR10 Corporate Social Responsibility

The public is increasingly demanding corporations and organizations fulfill their obligations for social accountability, and improve the impact their activities and decisions have on the environment and society as a whole.  More and more, the public is paying attention to the manner in which organizations handle their responsibility as corporate citizens. Consumers and buyers require ethical behavior and transparent management.

In order to meet the growing need for an internationally accepted standard, IQNet developed specification IQNet SR 10, which was published in December 2011.  It is based on the Spanish specification RS 10 developed by AENOR. Among other factors, the particular strength of this IQNet standard lies in it being eminently suited to integration into an existing management system (thanks to IQNet’s more than 20 years of certification experience), as well as its international acceptance.

Benefits for your organization:

  • Improved image in the eyes of customers and consumers; stands out from the competition
  • Guaranteed fulfillment of legal requirements
  • International comparability, ranking and evaluation make your own corporate commitment visible and credible
  • Long-term increase of economic success with minimum impact on the environment; long-term increase of competitive ability


SR10 is complementary to other initiatives focused on concrete stakeholders such as GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit), etc.

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