QS: Quality Assurance from Farm to Shop

QS is a quality assurance scheme for foodstuffs, that takes into account all steps in the entire food supply chain. Because of its holistic approach, the QS certification mark increases food safety and inspires trust.

The QS logo has rapidly established itself as a sign of safety and reliability, and consumers can now find it on a wide range of products, including beef, pork and poultry, as well as fruit, vegetables and potatoes.

Foodstuffs only bear the QS certification mark if all parties in the entire chain of production and distribution comply with the QS requirements. This includes the quality of the animal feed, the processing of meat, fruit and vegetables, and the retail and sale of the final product.

DQS-UL CFS is an approved certification body for the supply chains of meat and meat products, as well as for fruit, vegetables and potatoes.


  • Increases consumer trust
  • Increased safety and hygiene across supply chain
  • Full traceability of products
  • Efficient identification and control of possible risks


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