Global Conformance Mark

Trust is the most valuable currency in the world.

It is hard to win and easy to lose.

A GC-Mark is like a familiar face in the crowd: it inspires trust in customers and makes them feel at home.

Because the GC Mark is based upon rigid standards and transparent criteria, it builds trust upon a rock-solid foundation.

GC-Marks are voluntary certifications of products and services, based on the corresponding regulations and according to GC-Mark requirements. The product-related programs under GC-Mark are complementary to the CE-framework.

Place your GC-Mark on your website, in brochures, on the walls of your facilities, or anywhere you want: the visually attractive seal highlights the strengths of your organization, and informs customers and stakeholders of your competitive prowess.

The GC-Mark shows customers and consumers that DQS, as an independent third party, has proven that products and services fulfill the specified requirements.

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How to obtain the Global Conformance Mark?


Application, Offer & Contract

Register for the Global Conformance Mark programs and take a huge step to enhance trust your customers put into your organization, your services and products.


Preparation with Self-Assessments


In the second step towards obtaining the GC-Mark you will be provided with access to a specified self-assessment covering all aspects of the applicable Global Conformance Guidelines on the DQS eSolutions platform.


Verification and on-site assessment

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The verification step is usually separated into two independent parts.

  • Document review
  • Self-Assessment review
  • On-site assessment


Issuing of the Global Conformance Mark


The GC-Mark certificate and the right to use the GC-Mark printed seal are valid for one year.