System Certification

Accredited System Certification

A certification audit is always part of an assessment process that strives towards sustainable success. This process is a complete review and surveillance of a system covering at least three years. The compliance with particular norms or standards is reviewed during the actual certification audit and officially confirmed with a document – the certificate.

An essential prerequisite for a certification is an independent, impartial and objective review by a competent third party.

The value of a certificate always depends on the degree of public confidence in the certifying accredited body. DQS is the oldest and most experienced service provider for certifying and assessing management systems and processes in Germany – and enjoys highest reputation with the public, institutions and financiers. Use our worldwide reputation for your success.

We issue internationally recognised certificates based on accredited procedures. Furthermore, we have a particularly large and diversified competency regarding norms. DQS has been and is involved in the preparation of numerous norm specifications in DIN and IQNet committees as well as ministries and associations. With us, you are at the source of norm know-how.

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