Supplier Audits

Lieferantenaudits_engAssess your supplying companies and support improvement

Using our supplier audit you will be able to assess your supplying companies and support them specifically, where required. It establishes standardized corporate guidelines and transparency along the whole supply chain all the way to the upstream supplier. This stabilizes your own production process and leads to a lasting improvement of the competitive situation of your company.

You are operating on a globalized market where suppliers are often located around the globe. With this audit you benefit particularly from the internationality of DQS – we have offices all over the world and our auditor network spans the globe.

Our great advantage for you: all of our auditors have perfect knowledge of the country’s culture and language. We provide you with a detailed and differentiating insight into local markets and are able to evaluate your international suppliers excellently – and therefore encourage and support them depending on the local circumstances. Furthermore, you benefit from the extensive practical experience of our auditors from all sectors of industry. We always provide you with auditors having specific technical knowledge of your sector as well as your products or services.

Additional benefits at a glance

    • You review your portfolio of suppliers with us and prevent supply shortages
    • Potential analyses and check profiles help you identifying suitable suppliers for your company, specifically prepare a successful change of suppliers or assess a one-time supplier
    • We show you new trends in performance and economy and thereby help you to refine your supplier requirements
    • You may systematically create competition for suppliers with single source standing and improve your negotiating position
    • Long-term observations of a specific supplier or benchmarking several suppliers helps you to recognize if the standard you demand is met or can be met in the long run
    • Being a supplying company on the bidders’ list you can decisively improve your competitive situation using our supplier audit, because you provide evidence of the quality required by your future customer